Even More Bad News for VW

There has been millions of vehicles sold by Volkswagen AG over the past 2 decades and some current models are more vulnerable to theft than any other those former iterations. This is because the for the first time they are going big into the whole key less entry thing and they did so in a way that was extremely pours and does not help their image when you consider the myriad of problems they had this year. Most notably was their their time mess up which was their cheating on emissions testing in a n attempt to help them sell more cars and come off as an environmentally friendly alternative. This was the clean diesel they were trying to push on everyone which was kind of an oxymoron and now every one can see. This may very well be the death blow for VW and many people, myself included, do not think that they will ever bounce back from that breach of trust in terms of their consumers. It is possible though, people in America seem to have amnesia when it comes to corporations giving them totally deplorable treatment then turning right around and asking for more, so I won’t hold my breath but as it stands now things don’t look very good.

As we can see vehicles that are vulnerable to this kind of attack include almost all of their Audi line, which is a satellite of the larger VW company. “it is conceivable that all VW group (except for some Audi) cars manufactured in the past partially today rely on a constant key scheme and are thus vulnerable to the attacks the paper said.

“it is conceivable that all VW group except for some Audi cars manufactured in the past and partially today rely on a constant key scheme and thus vulnerable to the attacks. There are still some VW car models being sold that are not on the latest platform and which remain vulnerable to attack.This current vehicle generation is not afflicted by the problem describable.”

This being the case John Jay is saying that, “we are aware of this incorporated this knowledge in the enhancements of existing and future systems. We no longer use the described system in any of our new cars.”

What we can say for certain is that today more so than any other time in history our purchases are seen as something that is more than a product we get purely for utilitarian ends. We see them as things that are directly associated with our identity and sense of being in the world. This being the case we should see that there is the notion that is so pervasive to our times that we think that we vote with our dollar. This being the case we see that environmentalism and environmental causes are seen as something that is far and a way the issue of our time. when you make a purchase today you are buying an ideology or general ethos, and thus VW has abandoned peoples faith in this regard.

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