Feds Weigh in on Electric Car Safety

Only weeks ago after the world’s first well known fatality in a car that was using a kind of autonomous driving software, (Tesla’s Autopilot to be exact) The U.S. Secretary of transportation steeped up to the plate in light of the moment and proclaimed that the key to a successful roll out of autonomous cars in the next few years is going to have rely on a much better job in regards to human and animal safety. This is crucial if they are going to win over the general public and in the hearts of Americans. 

Elon Musk tried to backpedal on the happenings in a kind of well intention but poorly executed and seemingly idiotic account of how the cars Autopilot platform that they offer in all of their model S and model X vehicles and allow you to use is still in beta. This is a fumble in several regards. For one, they are admitting that they are giving out a product this consequential before all the heave lifting and substantive science has been done to make sure it is ready for the general public use. Another reason why they feel flat with their statement is that they are moving at a rate that is too fast and doesn’t really need to be where it is today. The reason being, is consider that there is  going to be public backlash for a product they didn’t need to rush. Before the concept of autonomous driving has only been a kind of matter of fact that was completely untested that autonomous driving is something that is going to be no doubt much safer. Indeed, we can look at this one instance and say that it is in fact the only such fumble that has resulted in death from the Tesla autopilot system. They could have very easily stuck to their bread and butter which was their lane permittee technology and their collision detection software. These technologically are the most bang for your buck as they say when it comes to the simplicity over money spent for car soft ware. The Autopilot system is kind of just frivolous at this point. And they can claim all they want up and down that you are not suppose to use this as something that drives you and should always keep your hands on the wheel is all well and good, but lets be honest, they called it autopilot what did they think would be the way people perceived it. They are smart people over there at Tesla Motors and they wanted to put it out there that they had a full proof autonomous vehicle but the accident pushed that notion to the way side. All things considered this was still much better in terms of accidents over time spent in the car with normal human drivers, but the problem is that they planted a seed of doubt by saying they were going to release their autonomous vehicle by doing it too soon then they fully germinated it with this accident, now I only wonder what it will grow into next.

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